Garden landscaping competition heats up in the finals

The annual garden landscaping competition is upon us and in less than 24 hours, Melbourne will have crowned its newest, and best garden design in the whole city. It’s the night that homeowners and garden enthusiasts look forward to the most, with dozens expected to arrive in Essendon for the announcement.

The competition is fierce this year, but it’s clear that a single winner has risen from among them. 9 out of the top 10 designs were from a company that garden magazine critic John Wilson called “The designers and installers of the best garden landscaping Melbourne North has ever seen.” It’s hard to argue with the results, with all but one of the final contestants being a representative.

“We love the standard of competition this year,” stated tournament organiser Ho Shill. “We are so happy that a record number of people, and homeowners, were able to make it out, and submit their beautiful garden landscaping designs.”

The favourite this year looks to be from homeowner Charles Xander, with an elegantly designed victorian garden and driveway, that “flows seamlessly from the back, to the sides, and out to the front, like one huge organism, moving into our hearts.”

Alongside the main competition will be “a myriad of small garden projects and contests,” including a statewide landscaping and retaining wall competition: “our biggest one yet.” The event is in it’s tenth year and organisers are expecting numbers to far exceed previous years. An estimated ten thousand people will make the trip to Essendon to witness these garden marvel in person.

Melbourne North landscaping architecture is set to light up the stage as these mini side-event occur all weekend. The winner will be decided by the judging panel at 3 pm tomorrow. Stay tuned for more information, as the 10th annual garden and outdoor design competition comes to a thrilling climax.