Backyard Gets a Drastic Upgrade

A garden consultant in Melbourne has been praised for his innovative methods of fruit tree installation, which include electronic diggers, hidden water channels and under-floor compost, an innovation thought to be impossible.

Frederick Jones, who recently emigrated from Finland, has taken the gardening world by storm with his impressive array of ornamental trees, which have been described as natural marvels. Since setting up his own business in Melbourne six months ago, Jones has visited hundreds of clients and installed his own brand of ornamental tree magic.

“We’re quite a green family,” says Freeman Kyle, a local resident. “We always wanted one of those giant apple trees, the ones you enjoy all year round. But we still needed a better way of getting more fruit faster, and we couldn’t choose between the two. Thanks to Jones, we didn’t have to. He made us a garden full of edibles and fruit that will be ready to fruit within the year. Our daughters can play at the same time as us having breakfast.”

The under-floor compost function, previously thought to be a dangerous, is apparently accomplished by coating the wood in a special resin of his own making. “It is a Finnish recipe,” says Frederick Jones, “I’m afraid I cannot share it. But you need never worry about heating again.”

With gerberas now ready to plant for Summer, there has been a rush to make gardens more enclosed before Summer. Many gardens have windows, awnings and greenhouses installed in order to protect from the coming heat. Other creations have included a raised blueberry garden with a hidden strawberry planter, and electronic wood panels that, when stepped on, light up the garden path.

Jones has stated that his creations are limited only by imagination, and challenges all clients to come up with a design that cannot be done.

“I welcome all challengers,” said Frederick, speaking from his Melbourne office. “I was taught to make the impossible possible. Whatever you need, I will create it.”


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