My New Doggo Friend

When I first heard about micro-chipping for dogs and cats, I was a bit disturbed by the concept. But I’ve come round to it now. You see, I’ve fallen in love with my girlfriend’s parents’ Labrador, Pancake, and was was distraught when I heard he’d gone missing during a recent thunderstorm.

As it happens, Pancake was micro-chipped and his family was contacted a couple of days after his disappearance by a Bayside animal hospital. Vets, it would seem, are able to scan the microchips to find out the contact details of an animal’s owner. Well, that had me sold on the whole micro-chipping business, didn’t it? So much for my conspiracy theories. 

I never had a pet when I was growing up, and Pancake is basically the first non-human animal I’ve really formed a connection with. I hadn’t realised how upset I’d be if an animal I was friends with went missing from its home. I still think micro-chipping is a bit weird, but I can see the point of it now. A lost dog can’t speak up to say where it lives, or explain that it’s not a stray.

I’m casually toying with the idea of acquiring an animal friend of my own (there are only so many times I can pretend I want to go over for lunch with my girlfriend’s family, when really I just want to hang out with Pancake). But I’m not sure I’m ready to take that step. I definitely need to percolate the idea for a good bit longer.

Aside from the requisite 10+ year commitment to caring for a dog, there are so many random little things to consider – vaccinations, animal nutrition, training, desexing. Dogs in Bayside, I’m pretty sure, are technically required to be desexed… or are they? I really have no idea, actually.

It’s exhausting just thinking about all that. I reckon it’s best that I keep hanging out with Pancake for the time being, and using those family lunches to pick brains about the intricacies of pet ownership.

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