Renovations Make Happy Relatives

I think my parents have a bit of a problem – they can’t seem to stop renovating. It’s as though they’re uncomfortable with not having a project on the go. They fill in any spare gap in their calendar with everything from maintenance tweaks to full on room makeovers.

When they run out of things to update, they go right back to where they started and repeat the process. Every few years they accept that there’s really nothing more to be done, which is when they sell up. I’ve wondered where they find the money to do all this, and have since concluded that it must be their due from improving the value of their investments so diligently. Hey, whatever floats your boat. It all looks a bit stressful to me, though.

For example, they’re currently overseeing a renovation of their downstairs bathroom, which has seen a continual stream of designers, builders, delivers and other tradespeople coming in and out via the kitchen for past month. Who knew that renovating a single room could be such a process? Well, it’s probably at least partly due to my parents’ very particular taste in bathroom design. Melbourne minimalism meets industrial Berlin is, according to mum, the look they’re going for. Okay then.

Next on their agenda is going to be the kitchenette in the self-contained one-room flat out the back. They haven’t said as much, but I know it’s going to be that. You see, I noticed that a couple of the tiles are coming slightly unstuck, and the wall is a tiny bit discoloured over the cooktop. If there was ever a need for a drastic kitchen redesign, this would be it… not. But I’m going to leave them to do their thing in peace.

I wonder if I’m going to be like this as I get older (and wealthier – here’s hoping). It’s hard to imagine myself investing quite so much in custom cabinetry, hinge designs and bespoke built-in storage solutions, but I guess you never know.

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