As well as a dynamic trio, we’re also three separate people. In that spirit, we thought it might be good to fill you in on what we’re about as individuals.


Ricky is an outgoing, inquisitive and upbeat fellow, known for lifting the mood in any social setting. Seriously, it’s like he has invisible helium balloons tied to his pant legs – you can’t help but grin when you see him coming. When he’s not being that guy, he works for a bank as a home loans consultant, and is a champion rock climber and coaches at-risk teens in rock climbing. He is an avid adventure traveller and is always jetting off to Mongolia, Greenland or Antarctica. He does not want to be married or have kids.


James is the quiet achiever of the group. He is a researcher in the physics department of a major university, and seems to spend most of his spare time being a nerd. He has a daughter, Camellia, aged <1 year old – come to think of it, that’s probably where most of his time goes. He and his partner Jacinta build mobile homes on the back of trucks and sell them, then invest the profits in crypto. They seem to be doing quite well out of it.


Flynn is a wildcard – none of us ever really knows what he’s up to, including Flynn himself. Somehow, he always seems to scrape by. He is currently working as a fashion stylist for an obscure publication in Berlin.