What’s up? It’s me, your boy Flynn. Obviously you already know all about me (possibly more than I know about myself) from reading all my wacky adventures, but James wanted me to try summing myself up in about 300 words. So what the heck? I’ll give it a shot.

What am I up to at the moment other than my fashion work in Berlin? That’s a great question. One I can’t really answer because I’ve signed certain non-disclosure agreements with the FBI and British Secret Service. Let’s just say that it involves a lot of jet planes and spy equipment. I get to travel a lot, mostly to Russia and China, and I’ve learned so much about the cultures there. But that’s just been this week. Ask again in a few days and I’ll probably say something completely different.

How’s Berlin? Well, it’s pretty cold, even at the best of times. Growing up in Australia really didn’t prepare me for Europe’s weather. I’m trying to invent a jacket that has a heater installed in it, but I just can’t get the prototype to work properly. Fair to say I’ve had a few calls to the fire department. They’re getting to know me quite well.

You know what I do love about Berlin, though? I love the sport, particularly soccer, or foosball as they call it. I grew up seeing the Socceroos tearing up the grass all across Australia, but now I follow Bayern Munich. I go to games whenever time permits, which admittedly has been less often with this Secret Service work. Hopefully, I’ll be back to my normal schedule soon (whatever that is) and I can watch a few goals get scored.