Lighting. It Was All in the Lighting!

Obviously I can’t have lost an actual chess game all by myself. It wasn’t legit. The other guy cheated, thus meaning my perfect record of chess victories in unsullied, and I have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing at all.

Norwegian champion? More like the champion of cheating, am I right? And it’s incredibly hard to cheat at chess as well, so they put a bit of effort into stealing my victory in the grand championship. For you see, the light above me was slightly dimmer that the one over them. This not only gave him the psychological edge, but also made it so that he could see the pieces every so slightly better than me. The scoundrel! When I demand a rematch and he complies out of what little honour still exists in his soul, I’ll make sure I have the best commercial LED lighting services on my side. I don’t just mean regular old lights, either. We’re talking as much power as possible, all the lumens that could ever be crammed into a set of bulbs, right overhead so that we and both sides of the board are equally lit. Then I can unleash my true chess fury, and he and his cheating ways will pay the price.

He has some nerve, messing with the lighting like that. Somehow he must’ve done his research and found out that I have weak vision in low-light, which I never have had before but it makes sense because everyone does. Sneaky indeed. No doubt he’s trying to think several steps ahead and perhaps find a way to interfere with our lighting, which is why I’ll have TWO sets of backup lighting to illuminate our game, as well as my victory. The best, most powerful designer lighting for sale in Melbourne that I can find, to be stored and brought out when this Norwegian fellow tries anything sneaky. You cannot hide your terrible deeds in the darkness any longer. Your chess skills- or lack of- will be brought into the light!


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