My amazing life thanks to the beauty salon

I’m married to a wealthy stockbroker, my darling Kyle, who is my love and life. His well paying job also means that I can spend my days relaxing, rather than work all the time like most people are forced to do. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a slacker. I do lots of things with my time. I volunteer at the local animal shelter, I take Pilates class, and lunch with my friends.  Once a month I usually like to have some kind of beauty treatments because I need to look my best and make my hubby happy. Let me share with you my day.

I’ll wake up at 10am and spend some quality time with the kids Jackson and Jacobs. They’re not human children, they’re my fur babies. I take a long shower and then inspect my face for any signs of aging. If I find anything of concern I book an appointment in Melbourne for anti wrinkle injections at my favourite salon. After a light breakfast I go to the gym for an hour of cardio and squats.

A proper workout is a great start to the day, and a gym certainly beats going for a job along the main roads near us. I like everything about it, and I can go and chat with my friends and meet some cool people. If it’s a Friday I’ll usually go to my favourite beauty salon, just down the block from the gym.

The beauty salon is filled with lovely and cool people, we’re all friends over there. It means I can share with my friends everything about my life- about Kyle and the kids, and any problems I might be having at the time.

They love to listen and help me while they go about the process of laser hair removal. Melbourne is known to have some of the best beauty clinics in the country and for good reason. I find the whole experience really relaxing. I just love having facials; skin replenishment is something that many girls forget about, and it’s really important stuff.

We, as women, need to take care of our bodies and deserve to feel good about them.  It means that when I go home at night, I’ll feel great and when Kyle gets home I can be everything he wants me to be.

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