Wheels Are Important

So, my first mistake was buying a car without any wheels. It’ll be a nice little fixer-upper project, the first big ‘thing’ I ever do in my retirement, that’s what I told myself. Everyone is going to be so impressed when they hear that after a single weekend I’m already straight into embracing the retired life. No loitering around in an armchair for me, no sir.

But I don’t have the capacity for transporting a car that doesn’t have wheels, so that was an expensive call to some mechanics who could help me out. I’ve done the rest of my research, or so I thought. I’ve lived here for all my life, and there’s not a single auto repair garage based in Hawthorn that can sprout up without my knowledge, even though I’ve never actually worked in the automotive industry. So I have a support network, but I didn’t just want to go running to the garage every single time I needed something during my little project. I want to be able to figure things out for myself.

That lasted…four minutes, or so? Got the car home, did an inspection (it felt like the right thing to do) and found that I was missing a few fairly important parts. Like a steering wheel. How did I MISS that? Just kinda assumed that it would have one, but that’s what I get for buying online and then being distracted by the whole wheel business. The hood also just fell off while I was looking at the engine. Just rusted right off, and I don’t have the tools to put it back on. Maybe I started too hard. Should’ve gone for a broken down but still whole car, instead of a literal giant piece of scrap metal. I suppose the auto repair garages open in the my area are getting my custom after all. Although they might take one look and tell me to sell this one to the scrapyard

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