Brake Pad Blues

I’m so done with this year, and beyond keen to get down to the coast for summer. The internship with the agricultural accountancy firm has been worthwhile, but I’m not used to this in-land life. Time to whack my surfboard on top of the station wagon and hit the road.

At least, it would be if my car was in working order. As if there wasn’t enough already putting my cortisol levels into overdrive, something has gone awry with my brake pads. I really need recommendations for where to take the old junk-bucket for an emergency car servicing close to Brighton. The local mechanic has a few options, but I need somewhere that can do the job fast – I need to get out of here and cop that sea breeze, stat.

So there’s that, along with the fact that most of the best motor mechanics Brighton has to offer seem to have clocked off for the holidays. Fair enough, too. But we need mechanics around these parts much more than anyone needs an agricultural accountancy intern slash frustrated surfer. There’s demand for their services, dang it!

At least, there is from me, and I’m sure I can’t be the only one in this position. ‘Tis the season for busted car air conditioners, after all. Not to mention family holidays in stuffy sedans, and back seats full of cranky teenagers unable to charge their devices. Think of them, mechanics, when you close up shop for Christmas a few days early. Those kids need a cool down! They didn’t ask to come on the family trip, did they?

Okay, maybe I’m transferring my youth onto everyone in this town. It’s a coping mechanism, alright? I just want to go surfing, and I can’t do that until I get my car serviced. I suppose I could catch a train or something, but it’s too hot to figure it out. At least my car aircon is working. As soon as I can get those brake pads fixed, I’m out of here.

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