Captain Party Planner: The easiest Gig of all

I can’t believe that I never tried this before. When my sister had her third daughter, she actually contracted me to plan their parties every year. She knows I love doing it anyway, but I think she just felt way too exhausted to do it herself. Kudos to her for realising that enjoying the party was more important than being overwhelmed by it.

Anyway, this task left me to finding the best place to hold a kids party at in Perth. And I do believe I found the ideal place.

Listening to my sister tell me about how full on parks can be, even though you don’t have to pay for the space, the trade for open space isn’t that great. I’ve been to lots of her kids’ parties and taking on board how I see the adults, I’m not sure any of them go home feeling happy or relaxed. In fact, I think most parents leave more stressed about their kids running around, getting up to mischief and not staying in plain sight all the time. It causes a lot of panic.  Once I saw a kid lead a bunch of toddlers onto a service road. It happened in just a few seconds and although no one was hurt, they easily could have been, and the shock of it happening totally spoiled the vibe of the party. So I wanted to find a way around that, and on this venture, I found a place that have an amazing indoor play centre. Perth, you sure do have some hidden gems in town.

I did some good research and found out the play centre I’ve been thinking about cater beautifully for parties, and will even cover allergies and other concerns like that. The play space is massive and has a multi-tiered structure that kids can climb in, on, under and around. And a bunch of BALL- PITS… need I say more?

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