Evil Cars?

Her-Bla has gone too far this time. I’m not even someone who’s massively into cars, and even I thought that the Her-Bla Christmas special was way off the rails. Well, I call it a Christmas special, but they never used the words in the show. Not PC enough…no, it was a ‘Special Time Happy Episode’, which makes me slightly ill. I’m sticking with the story that even my young daughter thought it was ridiculous, although I’d be lying if I said I was 100% on that. 

Anyway, Her-Bla and all her friends took some time off saving the universe- something they never really seem to do anyway- to go on a trip to the Gluten-Free No-Added-Sugar Mountain of Sweet Treats, but as soon as the cutesy tiger cub character suggested that they all take the Her-Bla-Car-Mobile, he was given a harsh lecture on why cars are pure evil.

Get the news out to your go-to mechanic  workshop, Preston locals: Her-Bla says they need to shut down, now

Alright, hang on… I just had my annual car service. Coburg was a nightmare on the traffic front, sure, but evil? I don’t know. None of the mechanics advised me that cars are evil now. You’d think it would’ve been on the news: All mechanics now out of business, cars declared evil, government offering rebates for anyone offering up their vehicles to be cast into the nearest volcano.

Nope. I won’t have it. Cars are fine, especially now that they’re making electrical ones and hydro-powered ones and goodness knows what else. The automotive industry provides hundreds of millions of jobs worldwide, millions more have cars as their greatest passion and hobby, and they basically mean that the modern world that allows us to watch preachy cartoons runs smoothly. But no, lecture the tiger until he cries, tell the audience directly that they should always walk in all weathers, and then go on your stupid adventure, Her-Bla, you smug little hypocrite.


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