Wind and Wheels

Sometimes I have this weird dream where I’m driving along the ocean floor, and it’s wonderful. I roll down the window and say hello to all the fish, and sometimes I stop at the drive-through to get myself a delicious smoothie, made from seaweed. It’s a seaweed smoothie. I call it a seawoothie.

Now, that dream can be a reality, maybe. Still might be more efficient to get around underwater with flippers and very small submarines, but I like to think that the current car mechanics Bentleigh has on offer will branch out a little. Like, you’ll have your local auto workshop, you’ll have another one right by the docks, and you’ll have a third underneath the ocean, for the really hands-on jobs that need them to be right there, in the ocean, where everyone is doing their driving.

Or maybe it’ll just be the traditionalists like myself. Obviously, keeping yourself on the ground, even on roads, will be seen as old-fashioned, and ‘what the land folks do with their commutes and tyre repairs and hopscotch and dungarees’, but I just don’t like the thought of not being able to drive. Driving is great fun, and ever since I got over the idea of the clutch and working it so the car doesn’t bunny hop down the road, I’ve had a great time. Just don’t think it’d be the same with some sort of…ocean conversion that can propel itself in three dimensions. I like the feeling of the rubber beneath the road, and the wind in my face when it’s weather-appropriate.

Maybe the ocean isn’t for me. I mean, imagine the difficulties of all things auto electrical. Bentleigh is great for getting that sort of work done, but it’d be a nightmare with a few thousand tons of water pressing down on you. Electrical and water do not mix. And the rust…SO much rust. Cars are meant to be above ground. Maybe I am as well.



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