My Accounting Confession

Alright, I have something that I have to get off my chest. I guess you could say that I’m coming out, in a sense. This has been eating away at me for ages now and I just have to tell someone, even if it is a random stranger on the internet who knows nothing about me. This really is one of the most shameful things I will ever admit. It has been hard to admit it to myself, given my upbringing. So, here we go. The truth is… Well, the truth is that I don’t really like being an accountant. 

As a child, my father told me that I would grow up to be an amazing accountant, just like him. I’d be a master of tax accounting for businesses, being their saviour at stressful times such as the end of the financial year. And that’s where the problem lies; if I reveal that I don’t want to be an accountant anymore, I will be a massive disgrace to my entire family. I simply can’t do it. The day that I got my first accounting job, my dad was so excited. It was like his own dreams had come true. My parents even threw me a party! How can I break their hearts by telling them that I no longer want to do small business accounting close to Melbourne, or anywhere else for that matter?

I can’t get this idea out of my head that I wasn’t supposed to be an accountant, though. What if I had been raised to be a fireman instead? Would my life be better that way? Maybe I was born to be a scientist or an astronaut. Unfortunately, I was pushed into being an accountant, and I’ve been living this facade for so long now that I don’t know how to break out of it. I only know one thing for sure, and it’s that I can’t keep living like this. I have to break free and become my true self, one way or another.