Pet Friendly Garden Upgrades

I’ve been having loads of problems recently with my garden. I don’t really know what the problem with this specific patch is, but both my animals are having endless problems with it. My little kitten has gotten three rose thorns in her toes and my dog keeps getting sores that are getting infected from sharp nettles that are dropping from the trees. I’m sure you understand that I can’t afford to keep getting all of these vet bills! I’m not made of money! So I’ve decided the best solution for me would be to change up my garden to make it more pet friendly. Getting new plants should definitely fix the problems with the animals (or so the vet tells me) but to be honest I’m pretty excited about  the ground cover plants for other reasons as well.

I feel like it’s probably healthier to have more fruiting plants in the garden. I’m pretty keen on growing my own strawberry patch so I can have fresh fruit in the morning. I know my dog loves strawberries so I’ll have to put them in a planter box.  I’m also considering a vegetable patch but that’ll all depend on how good the soil is.  I also suffer from allergies, including hayfever, which will restrict the types of flowers I can have in the garden. It’s all supposed to help with getting rid of the pollen, right? I simply adore daffodils so they’ll have to be in the mix. I’d love a field of bright yellow daffodils but I don’t have the space. I know it’s going to be a lot of work to get everything planted but I’m determined to make this garden more safe for my pets. My cat spends most of the time inside but my dog loves to explore the garden. If my dog ever goes missing I know the first place to look is in the shrubs. He likes to bury his lamb bones in the shrubs once he’s done playing with them. I’m rather excited to get started on this garden project. I wonder how much it’ll all cost.