This Glassy Intrigue

While we’re on the subject, I’ll add this: “Oh, my glasses!” As in, I need new ones, because I just don’t think these 2.0s are cutting it any more. When I jumped on the forum right after the last episode was over, I noticed the screen was a little fuzzy. Time to up my prescription. And yes, I did find it a little funny that I was thinking about glasses after such a glass-filled episode.

The saga finally came to an end after Lucas confessed to Mabel that he was only there for the purposes of finding treasure, and Mabel went nuts, trying to throw him out the window. It didn’t work, and she only succeeded in smacking him against the glass, which cracked dramatically. They had to call in a glass repair specialist, which was a weird diversion. After the glazier had come and gone, Mabel tried again and actually tossed Lucas out for real. Later, the orderly Mikhail was sweeping up the glass shards and noticed something very strange: someone had etched tiny arrows into the glass. They pointed down the corridor, all along every single other pane of glass and down the glass stair balustrades. Melbourne, apparently, was the location for that scene. 

Anyway, the arrows pointed all the way to the basement, where they finally led Mikhail to the secret treasure. Obviously, Mikhail didn’t tell anyone because he’s supporting his family overseas and this is his chance to get back into his father’s will after that whole orangutan-snowstorm incident. So, in secret, he called in a glazier to replace all the glass panels marked with the arrows, with the outcome being that no one else will now be able to discover the treasure. 

Oh my, such glass-centred intrigue! Will Lucas and Mabel work it out? Will Mikhail finally take his place as heir of his family’s fortune, in addition to pocketing the treasure?