Gnome Town Electricians

Every day is a new adventure at Gnome Town Electricians. See, electrical work in Gnome Town isn’t like electrical work everywhere else in Melbourne. In a regular town, electrical work might involve installing a heating system, fixing some wires or setting up the electrical systems of a house. While that’s what we do in Gnome Town, there are a lot more electric-based disasters than you’d expect. That is usually because of people constantly messing with electricity to power their creations. We once had a person who decided to channel the electricity from his wall so that he could create a more powerful lightning bolt. That didn’t go well, and we were naturally called in to clean up the mess.

We’ve been flooded with requests lately, so I’m thinking that it may be time to get a business offering job management software for tradesmen close to Melbourne involved so that our systems can make it easier to track and schedule jobs. I’m a bit sick of standing in front of a whiteboard every morning, going through the day’s assignments. It takes forever. We aren’t running some small electrician tradie business here. I have over one hundred electricians employed. That’s why I really need some electrical service scheduling software. Melbourne electricians have it easy. If you want a real challenge, try being an electrician in Gnome Town! 

I wonder what today will bring this fantastic company. Actually, I should probably check my emails. Oh, no! We’re being audited by the Gnome Town taxman! This is terrible. The guy has a horrid reputation. I don’t know if we’ll survive this ordeal. I suppose I really should get everything all organised, otherwise, this guy is going to destroy us. I’ll be hiring a good accountant and getting some solid scheduling software because we can’t afford to make any mistakes. Gnome Town Electricians will not be going down without a fight! I can promise you that much. Time to get the troops in order, because we have one heck of a battle ahead of us.

– Forman Norman