No Landscaping…Only Memes

Korean barbecue…that’s the stuff. I needs me some sweet barbecued meat, complete with those special sauces. Then maybe we can go out for ice-cream later, though if I don’t feel like ice-cream that I’m just going to go for bubble tea.

Yep, that’s me in my happy place already, for real. Better than being out there and doing hard work. Currently I’m stashed right at the bottom of the garden, in that little copse of trees. Perched in a pine tree…the perfect hiding spot. Uncle Ken really should’ve considered this when he made us traipse all the way to Cranbourne. Landscape supplies¬†aren’t exactly cheap so I’m happy to travel a little extra distance to get a quality product for my garden. I have no problem with helping my uncle shop with garden stuff, but now he seems to think he owns us for the entire day, and like…I don’t do unpaid labour. If we were going out for Korean barbecue afterwards I’d be more inclined to help. But here’s me, stashed in a tree and leaving the rest of the cousins to do all the work, just as nature intended. They’re just sad that they didn’t have this idea first.

I feel like I’ve helped already. Like, Uncle Ken needed to pay for the building supplies and he left his wallet in the car, so I went and got it for him. And then I was one of the people who went to the truck and dumped armfuls of pebbles because he didn’t want to pay for delivery. So I’ve basically done enough work for most of the week we’re here; no need to tax me any further. I’m only human. I guess I’m just staying in this tree for the next few days until our parents get back from their holiday.

I mean, the only other option is to go out there and landscape like a slave. And while I didn’t mind going to that place in Berwick that sells driveway toppings, I don’t think I’m up for another trip. I’m a child of the internet. My arms are weak and my spirit weaker, at least if not propped up by memes.