Termites? Manage the Damage

Today I visited the home of a family who had recently been devastated to find out their roof was infested with white ants. They’d noticed a few suspicious creatures and fearing the worst, chased up pest control experts in Mornington with desperation.

Sometimes part of the job involves counselling, people are often really upset to learn their house is affected by termites. But it doesn’t always spell disaster, especially if you get onto it nice and quick with a  company that specialised in termite inspections. Mornington is like anywhere else, termites can be found in every 1 in 4 homes-so,  knowing how likely it is to draw the short straw, this puts a lot of homeowners on edge.

I arrived at this home first thing in the morning after a distress call from the home owner, Andrea. They had bought the house almost ten years ago and until now, never noticed the telltale signs of termites in their roof.

I helped Andrea because that’s what I do, and I understand her grief. She was worried that it would get bad very quickly, and she was right to worry, because that’s how termites roll. The treatment I applied, however, will continue to work for ten years if the family keep an eye out and follow all the instructions. I like that in my job I can reassure people and help them manage the damage in a trusted way.

I’ve visited some truly devastated homes over the years during my career as a termite control expert. Fighting them off takes a lot of good strategy and state of the art equipment – we even use thermal imaging to detect termite activity these days. Sometimes the damage truly takes your breath away, these things are tiny and look innocent enough but their strength is in numbers and I can tell you where there is one, there are many, many more. No one deserves that. I’m glad I can help.

For Want of a Nail…

Unfortunate, when your day gets ruined by an errant delivery of fish. I know having more fish than usual is supposed to be a good thing, but our fridge-freezer is currently not working as it should, and thus we have too many fish.

Our fridge-freezer is not working as it should because we had an invasion of damp behind it, which leaked onto the cooling…rods, and caused them to stop working. And the damp? Well, that’s definitely an interesting tale. See, during the cold winter months we started to pile up the wood in the loft, for some reason that I currently cannot recall. And that, my friends, was only the beginning of the troubles. Fortunately there are termite control experts for Frankston residents, because we had them in to check it out after we noticed that…well, the roof was caving in. They removed the termites of course, although that took several weeks, during which we had to live in a caravan. Lovely place. Lost of play parks, if you have kids and you need somewhere to take them. Not during winter, though…everything tends to be damp, even in times when it hasn’t been raining.

Anyway, the termites took a while to clear out because it turns out that we basically took in a massive colony of them with the wood, and they were very happy to be surrounded by wood columns. The termite inspection people finished the job, and said that too much of the roof had been eaten away and we needed to get a roofing person in, which…okay, we might have procrastinated. The weather got cold, we brought in the firewood, needed the Frankston pest control people to deal with it, didn’t get the roof fixed, the rain came in and soaked the insides of the walls, we got damp, it damaged to fridge-freezer…and here we are, with far more fish than we had ordered. Fate is a cruel mistress.