True Home Awareness

I’m starting to think I should write a book or something. Like, I’ve unlocked a new way of thinking, and I can be one of those people who goes on Six Twee Minutes and tells everyone how to think. And then I’d be that guy who goes into bookshops and offers to sign my own book, so they can put those ‘signed by the author’ stickers on the front. Yeah, the type of person nobody likes.

Or, possibly, I could just write a book and try to make the world a better place with my ‘Home Awareness’ strategy. See, I think we confine the rooms in our homes to such linear, restrictive boxes, and there’s simply no need. My home just had a major bathroom and kitchen renovation, something I’ve been planning for a very long time. I consulted with quality designers, they followed the brief, and the rooms look great. And I find myself just wanting to go in there and sit for a while, to admire the room. Not to have a shower or cook some rice, just…to sit, and admire the room I’ve wanted to create for such a long time. Then I found myself going to other rooms, like the laundry, and the spare bedroom, just sitting for a while and drinking in the isolated atmosphere. These places simply ‘exist’ in our homes, and we don’t give them the thought they deserve.

Remodels, designs and renovations are an opportunity to bring out the best in your home, but after the renovations are done, you have to devote time to true appreciation. Sit on your redesigned bathroom floor and drink in the ambiance.

Think of your kitchen, BEFORE you contracted a bathroom designer to transform it, and then compare the result while gazing around. It’s a tranquil state, and it makes you appreciate what you truly have. And all these, from rooms that we previously thought were pure utility.

Heck, you can even do the same thing in the coat cupboard. I’m devoting a whole chapter to that one.



Timber Doors Are in Vogue…Now

Apparently, our door is just not good enough. And if it’s now the door, then it’s the windows, and if it’s not the windows, it’s the bathroom, and then the kitchen, the garden, and so on and so forth until the universe implodes. And even then, Ian will find some way to improve upon the blank void around us.

Oh, the joys of home ownership. It’s everything I ever wanted, except for the fact that we never have any money left at the end of the month. To be honest, it’s probably my fault. I said, back in the mists of time, that we needed timber door replacement. It was the one thing I asked, because our previous door was awful on the eyes and doors are the one thing people see upon entering the home. Well…they’re the first thing. And then, open the floodgates to a bunch of really super necessary things, until we finally move past the necessary and into the realm of indulgences. Yes, Ian, getting the shower re-tiled is an indulgence. the previous tiles were just perfectly okay, unlike the door which was horrible and needed a new frame. A TIMBER window frame, no less. Now I seem to have unleashed a DIY beast within Ian that certainly wasn’t there when I married him. Would’ve been good to know beforehand, just saying…

So this is our reality now. Find something in the home that doesn’t need changing, change it, rinse and repeat until we die. And then our children get the finished product, so good for them. Last ones standing. And THEY can worry about aluminium door replacement, because it’ll probably be back in vogue by then. Yep, that’s just the world of the future: aluminium everywhere, purple shower tiles, and a garden full of azaleas. Basically, everything will be put back the way it was, because that’s how trends go, Ian.