Tough Tattoo Work

Lorenzo really didn’t care how extreme Gideon’s plan was. The way he saw it, he owed the man a debt for life. After all, Lorenzo would have been swallowed up (quite literally) on the surface after the Collapse. Gideon had invited him down to the new world and given him a second chance at life. No matter how mad the man’s plans often seemed, Lorenzo would see them through.

Over the previous weeks, they’d been hard at work infiltrating the home of every aristocrat in New Melbourne, using Mavis’s crew to make the job even easier. Lorenzo hoped that as they moved on to the second stage of the plan, that crew wouldn’t be needed anymore. Working with them was starting to give him a massive headache, as he had no idea what to expect each day.

When Lorenzo had first met Gideon, back in the parlour of that expert tattooist near Brisbane, he hadn’t expected them to come this far together. Sure, Lorenzo had done a lot of odd jobs for the man – many he wasn’t particularly fond of, as he did now – but he knew that together they would create something beautiful: a society free of parasites, draining the blood out of everyone else.

Lorenzo tapped the new tattoo on his chest, activating its geomantic power. Gideon had a new realism tattoo artist in his services now, allowing Lorenzo to focus on more important – albeit boring – work. Still, he had to admit that the tattoo artist had done a fine job. 

With the temporary power of geomancy, Lorenzo began to shift the earth around him, forming a massive arena in the ground. He started with a giant pit, moving the dirt to form the walls around it. At first, the arena would be rough, but with plenty of time and effort, Lorenzo would make this a grand stage for the finale of Gideon’s plans. And what grand plans they were, ushering in a new era of greatness. Lorenzo grinned as he worked, imaging that chaos that would one day ensue here.