Peeping Children

I love the apartment block I live in, but there’s one thing about it that bugs me. It’s the fact that it’s squashed up so close to the neighbouring block. The blocks are staggered, so it only affects a small bit of my apartment, but it’s starting to wear thin, especially since it’s the bathroom that happens to be the problematic area. Seriously, my bathroom window is about two metres away from my neighbour’s kitchen window. You can look directly from one into the other. Major planning flaw!

Well, it’s just occurred to me that I could have that window tinted. From what I understand, it’s possible to have this done using reflective films that are pretty opaque from the outside, which means I could enjoy my bath time in privacy. Yes please! Residential window tinting, here I come.

I think there are some other benefits as well, like blocking UV rays and glare – although, in this case, that’s kind of beside the point. The buildings are so close together that it feels like hardly any sun gets into the bathroom anyway, except when it’s at a very particular angle, so I doubt I’m at much risk of getting sunburnt. Still, it might help a little bit with controlling the temperature in the room.

I probably wouldn’t be that concerned if it wasn’t for the particular nature of the neighbours in question. The woman that lives across the way tends to be pretty discreet, but she has eight year old twins who are mischievous. I don’t even know what to make of it. I’ve actually seen them point and giggle while I’m in the bath! Okay, yeah… that’s it. I need this done, stat!

In the meantime, maybe I should look into all the options. I’m sure I’ve seen windows with a kind of decorative frosting effect that makes them more opaque; that could look good in a bathroom. I’ve only seen it in offices, though. What are the best home glass tinting and window frosting services in Melbourne? Time to do some research.