Hardware Store Gift

I’ve been living in a cave for the last twenty years and kind of missed this whole ‘internet’ fad. Last week, however, I was out on my normal shopping run when I saw someone drop their phone. I picked it up and ran over to them, telling the young lady what had happened. She looked down at the object and frowned. “Oh, it has a crack in it. You can just keep it,” she said. Me, Homeless Tom, with a portable phone device? I took it back to my cave and worked out how to charge it using a potato and a couple of wires, and now I’m catching up on everything I’ve missed. It really wasn’t that hard to find high-quality electrical supplies close to Cheltenham, where my cave is located. After setting everything up, I decided to start a blog, which is apparently a thing people do online.

I’ve been getting into this online shopping thing as well, which helps because now I don’t even have to leave my cave to get cool stuff. I just hope that the delivery people can find ‘Mossy Cave, Cheltenham”. I bought a drone online yesterday, and I can’t wait to get a good view of the area surrounding my cave without even stepping outside. This Wishes website has some quality stuff, so soon enough my entire cave will be full of awesome things that I can blog about. I just hope the quality is as good as they make it seem. But why would anybody lie on the internet? I’m absolutely loving this new internet life. Thank you entitled girl from the Hampton hardware store

I think the most interesting thing I have bought so far is the statue of a king, which is made of this cool steel that is rusted turquoise. It gives it this really unique appearance that I think will look amazing at the front of my cave. I can’t wait for it to get here!

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