What Video Now?

I have been making videos for a long time now, and I think I’m starting to burn out. I never thought I’d be sick of a job that requires me to use my imagination, but it turns out even that can be a grind when you have to come up with something new every half an hour. See, I make these short, 30 second videos using assets that I find online, then upload them to these special websites. When I first got this job, I thought that I’d landed the best video editing work in the world. Everyone else told me it would become a grind quickly, but I didn’t believe them. Well, I believe them now. I think I must have made over 500 short videos by now, and I don’t have any ideas left. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great job and one day I’d like to do it professionally a video production business close to Melbourne.

Maybe I just need something to spice it up. What if I took a random object in my house and made a video about that? I could make a video about coconuts. That would be super interesting and unique. But wait, I’ve already done a video about pineapples, so that would probably feel similar. I’ve got to say, though. I wonder what actual professionals at a marketing video production company would think about what I do. 

I should really stop complaining about it. After all, I could be sitting behind a desk, pressing keys all day long. Or even pressing a single key all day. Actually, that’s an interesting idea. I’ll make a video about a guy who sits at his desk, pressing a single button all day long. He doesn’t even know what it does. And then one day, he decides not to press the button, and the entire building he’s in collapses as a result. Now I have to find a way to compact this cool story into thirty seconds.

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